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VertexFX Account Mirroring Plugin

Are you a Money Manager? Or looking for a more Pro and fast Money Manager VertexFX plugin?

Start copying and mirroring one transaction to another Account(s) of your choice using VertexFX Account Mirroring plugin brought by Optimized Sense.

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VertexFX 10.2 Revealed

A huge Update! VertexFX 10.2 contains many new features in the Client Terminal, Backoffice Terminal and VTL.

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VertexFX Bridge Language

Are you willing to manage your bridge settings? Do you change your bridges rules often? Now, use the advanced bridging capabilities using VertexFX Bridge Language (VBL).

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vStore Marketplace

The one-stop-shop portal for all of Traders and Developers to approach the required scripts and plugins or even develop them.

Developer can see his guidance important API links and the recent submitted projects and Trader can find his required Plugin or submit for obtaining it in the project zone

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Tired of Paying Thousands?

Hybrid Solutions knows what the market actually needs. Third parties cost Time, Efforts and of course Money.

We offer the complete full solution for all your needs. No longer paying for Plugins. They exist.


Use VertexFX

VertexFX10, offers the must have Plugins but built in. No extra budget for features required for your business as in other platforms. We included them in our Platform.

  • Web Trader.
  • Smart Dealer
  • Bridge
  • Multi Level Management
  • Net Trade
  • One Click Trading
  • Expert Advisor Hosting
  • Close All Positions
  • SMS Service

altWelcome to Hybrid Solutions, a software company that provides a multi-level online trading system for:

  • Dealing Rooms
  • Clearing Houses
  • Market Makers
  • Brokerage Firms

Our state-of-the-art Online Trading Platform, VertexFX Trader, is one of the most friendly, reliable and available online trading platforms in the world for all of STP and OTC business models.

VertexFX Trader is a structure of closed loop trading Platform. Backoffice dealing desk, Client Terminals, Dedicated Hosting, White Labeling and Bridging Capabilities. Through VertexFX Risk Management Bridge, you can perform auto hedging with a pool of Liquidity Providers.

Through VertexFX Trader DDE and API connector, Market Makers can offer the following to the retailers via their feed providers:

  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Commodities
  • International Stocks (CFD)

With VertexFX Release 10, a new Auto Trading Scripting Language VTL was emerged for expert traders with its support for both of Client and Server Scripting techniques. A dynamic store for VertexFX plugins vStore has been bundled with release 10 and fed by a large number of expert forex programmers and ISV's around the world.

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Established in 2002, Hybrid Solutions is a software house based in Amman, Jordan providing FOREX Online Trading Platforms. Hybrid Solutions has adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop its Online Trading Platform, VertexFX.

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