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Take what you need to tell your clients about the benefits VertexFX will bring to their business. VertexFX Trader is an award-winning online trading platform, and one of the most friendly and reliable systems in the world. Well-designed, well-considered features and functionality makes Vertex FX easy to use. They also make it more flexible and automated than other systems. VertexFX supports experienced chart traders. VTL10 scripting language, and a new API structure, makes auto trading much more advanced. You no longer have to keep your client terminal running for server side scripts (VTL Server). Simply host them on your server and close your PC. Besides that, client side scripts (VTL client) allow the expert trader also apply their script and develop their own custom indicators, alerting systems and client side auto trades and analysis.

Check out these features:

  • Binary Option Trading
  • Bullion Trading
  • Enhanced Full System Interface
  • Technical Analysis
  • Enhanced Market Watch
  • Client and Server Scripting Support (VTL)
  • Expert Advisors and Auto Trading Capabilities
  • Multi Account Trading Terminal (e-Broker)
  • Trade from the Web (WebTrader)
  • SMS Notifications
  • Close All Positions
  • Close by Hedge
  • Open Plugin Market Place (vStore)
  • Styling

  • Binary Option Trading
    Binary Option is a type of trading option based on a simple Yes/No market proposition to expect if the market will go up or down in a certain amount of time (Depending on Payout value). VertexFX offers the Binary Option trading feature beside other trading concepts of Margin Trading and Bullion Trading.


  • Bullion Trading
    Bullion Trading is a trent nowadays. The bullion market is a great way to invest in gold, silver and other precious metals. It is getting popular for the fact that you can receive the traded instrument to be at your door step. VertexFX Platform allows you to access this market in addition to traditional Margin Trading and Binary Option Trading.

  • Enhanced full system interface:
    It’s easier to collaborate and to navigate the VertexFX interface, and the companion feature to the ribbon, making them both more user-friendly. VertexFX 10, our latest version, uses the latest international software standard to give end-users easier navigation and a familiar interface.
  • Technical Analysis:
    Major enhancements have been made to the functionality of VertexFX including improved technical analysis and options using Fibonacci, line studies, channels, drawings and symbols, and text. We’ve added more indicators, and chart usability is much more easier and more flexible.

  • Advanced Market Watch:
    New fields make the system even more valuable to traders. They include expiry date, open price, close price for future symbols, as well as net and percent change.
  • vStore:
    VertexFX is shipped with a dedicated plugin store to support the system making it easy for users to adapt to their exact needs. The vStore is maintained and developed by Hybrid Solutions together with an expanding network of independent software vendors (ISVs). These vendors are adapting VertexFX APIs and VTL to build free and commercial plugins for VertexFX traders.

  • Ability New plugins can be added and are easily accessible through the terminal. Plugins developed within the vStore can be added to the plugin menu for quick access.
  • You can get the latest plugins to post on your website via VTL RSS. All categories of RSS links are available from the vStore. To select a category, click on the RSS icon next to the title.


  • New styles have been added so you can change your current terminal interface and settings.

Client Terminal Video



Tabular Sample:

Download Tabular Sample

Ticker Sample:

Download Ticker Sample

VertexFX Latest Plugins

Use one of the template codes below to add the latest VertexFX plugins to your website.


Download Red Sample


Download Blue Sample


Download Green Sample

VertexFX Client Terminal Guide:

Download the PDF client terminal user guide and edit it for your own use in addition of attaching the VertexFX Brochure to your website.

PDF Client Terminal Guide VertexFX BrochureDOC Client Terminal Guide

VertexFX e-Broker is one of the VertexFX Trader’s Main Value add services, shipped with the system by default, developed over VertexFX Client API, to perform the Multi-Account Trading capability.

VertexFX e-Broker is suitable for the account managers that wish to trade for multiple accounts at the same time, at the same price; VertexFX e-Broker was built to do so. Just list your accounts, you will find a one click login, for them all, three ways to distribute amounts, and then you are one click far to trade to them all.

With the ability to Trade Market, place limits, add stops, account list saving, account list importing, fare amount distribution methodologies, that’s all you need if you are an account manager.

VertexFX e-Broker, is another client station, for trading on multiple accounts, so, you can use it any time for your trading market, limits and stops.

Managing your account using VertexFX e-Broker, will allow you to monitor the account summaries, distribute the deals between your accounts over three strategies; equal partials, According to Equity, and according to effective margin, between your accounts list.


VertexFX offers you numerous features and perks to benefit from. These services have been distributed among 27 main advantages gained by using such an interactive and advanced online trading system. VertexFX is a comprehensive closed-loop-trading-cycle solution which does not require any third party for essential options. Moreover, it’s still an open FX trading platform with its API support to build your own plugins and integration.

VertexFX is classified as one of the most transparent trading systems, where a client can trade easily and transparently with his dealing room without the fear of non-transparent actions. VertexFX development policy runs to fulfill International Financial Authorities requirements. Any developed option is referred to these regulation authorities’ documentations and approved to be developed after fulfilling these requirements or disapproved if it is not.

Reliability, Security, Independency and scalability were taken seriously, VertexFX is a high-availability online trading system with all its versions, Standard or Enterprise. The history of our Up-Time reports for the past 3 years indicates a percentage of more than 99.97% for both of system and server; and in regards of security, Vertexfx is a highly secured system on server level, Database level, Operating System level and system level for Server Application, Backoffice application and Client Application.

Backoffice Competitive Features

VertexFX Web Trader is the light module of VertexFX Client trade station, while the main is the traditional windows-based desktop application.

VertexFX Web Trader is considered to be a machine independent Trading terminal, as it is totally WEB enabled and fully tested at all traditional web browsers with smooth online market movement, real time market order placement, with the same security of the windows based system.
No need to download, no need to install or have any dependency on any component, just run your browser, whatever it is at your operating system (OS), place the link, login and Trade.

VertexFX Web Trader is a Trading Station inheriting all the Trading capabilities, transparency and high availability, to perform a great alternative of the traditional desktop based Traders.


A completely brand new VTL language enriched with new trading functions from the charts. There are two types of languages in VTL 10:

  • VTL Server Language: Full Object Oriented semi VB.NET environment, which you can host your scripts in the server with no need to keep your terminal running all the time. Unlike other platforms, no need for a third party to host your scripts as all of what code can easily be hosted on the server.

  • VTL Client Language: Expert Traders still can use the traditional way by writing VTL Client code for trading, chart alerts and GUI interface functions with VB Script similarity code.


A new development gate is now open with the new Client API enabling you to expand your vision of the scripts and plug-ins developed for our clients.

You can use VertexFX APIs for creativeness, for building unique ideas, and implementing your needs, what do you think you need more from the VertexFX Trader, can be implemented over the API, while the usage of the API is open and it’s a subject of ideas, we will include some examples for the APIs usage:

  • Assuming you need to build a system that trades automatically by some market strategies and ideas, you can use the VertexFX Client API.
  • Do you want to build your own distributable trading terminal that offers customized trading capabilities? You can use VertexFX client API.
  • Do you want to build your own mobile market watch? Use the VertexFX Client API.

So we can see that VertexFX APIs open for you new horizons and new gates to implement your needs and to customize VertexFX system to be your own tailor made system.

Before a delivery of any White Label or a System, it is preferred to highligh that VertexFX Trader is coming soon. Your under construction page should contain the following:

  • VertexFX Trader is coming soon.
  • A clear contact information.
  • Your Company Name.
  • Your Company Logo.

Below is a snap-shots of templates examples that should be used on your website to announce the coming of VertexFX Trader.

Template 1


The template we are announcing is easy to customized, just a few changes on the information of the company and replacing the logo that is placed in images folder.

Usage of this template:

  • Download the template.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Do the changes as described above.
  • Upload to your web hosting folder. (i.e. public_html or www folder).

Live Demo Download Template

 Template 2

The template is very easy to customize, download this template and open index.html with any html or text editor and change the text! Just give-in the download link for your Client Terminal and your contact information so your clients can reach you.


Usage of this template:

  • Download the template.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Do the changes as described above.
  • Upload to your web hosting folder. (i.e. public_html or www folder).

Live Demo Download Template

Template 3

The template is a light one, download this template and open index.html with any html or text editor and change the text! A few changes should be done such as your email address and the company's Client Terminal download link and you are all set.


Usage of this template:

  • Download the template.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Do the changes as described above.
  • Upload to your web hosting folder. (i.e. public_html or www folder).

Live Demo Download Template

A partner should include that you are an authorized distributer for VertexFX Trader. the below text is a sample, you may use it on your website for your visitores to learn about the service.

Company Name is an authorized distributor for VertexFX Trader under an agreement signed with Hybrid Solutions in (Put Date here)

VertexFX Trader is a cutting edge award winner online trading platform. It has proved real finger prints in the global market online trading through its:

  • Comprehensive structure.
  • Reliable performance.
  • Dynamic API and plugin capabilities.
  • Great usability.
  • Simplicity and friendship.
  • And cost scalability.

Company Name is offering a VertexFX white label or dedicated system including the following.

  • Client Distributable Terminal.
  • Muti-Account Trading Terminal (e-Broker).
  • WebTrader.
  • Backoffice Manager.
  • Risk Management Bridge.
  • Data Feed.
  • Online News.
  • SMS Credit.
  • API kit.
  • Server hosting (For dedicated server plans).

Beside that Company Name is providing a list of unique plugins delivered with our Vertexfx Solution (Mention your plugins below):

  • Plugin 1.
  • Plugin 2.
  • Plugin 3.

You will need to edit the up text as desired. ie. change the bolded words to your company information and mention the developed plugins for your customers.


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